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Theme: Death and Gratitude

Our day's theme is DEATH AND GRATITUDE, meaning our hands were guided to elicit from the Jar of Themes the idea of DEATH in this time of Thanksgivingness.



What is the meaning of DEATH? What do YOU think Death is?  Do we graduate out of this lifetime, wake up from this dream, rising back up out of this dimension, returning from the reality we “fell asleep” in, the reality that we came from? “Oh! You’re back already? How did it go?” “Oh my, it was really different than I expected. Amazing! I’m not sure if I learned all the lessons I was after… maybe I did… But it’s wonderful to be back!!” “Congratulations on your success, dear friend. Welcome home!”

We will go around the Oneness Circle hearing what people have to offer this question: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF DEATH?


See you Sunday!


Seven Daughs

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