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10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

Our theme this week:

Pure Consciousness



10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

Our theme this week:

Pure Consciousness


See you Sunday!


637 N. Main Street, suite 2A at 10th street

Cottonwood , Arizona

    We respond to this elicitation from the Vessel of Themes:


    Let us discover our selves in this theme, shall we?

    I happened to stumble upon someone describing the scientific correspondence of MATTER and MIND:

    "The surface of matter appeared to be wood, metal, etc, until the scientists, looking deeper into the matter, discovered Molecules. Then deeper they went and they discovered Atoms. And they thought this was the smallest particle for a long time. Eventually they went deeper and they found inside these atoms little electrons, and neutrons and protons. Then they went deeper and deeper and deeper, smaller and smaller particles, they found 4 forces, then on a deeper level the 4 became 3, and on a deeper level the 3 became 2, and then modern science quantum physics discovered the Unified Field, the Unity of all the particles and all the forces of matter, of creation. Not only did they discover the Unified Field but they found that everything that is a thing emerges from this Field of No-Thing. Unmanifested. It is un manifest. It is No-Thing. But all things come from it. Anything that is a thing has emerged from this field of Unity. The field is Oneness. …

    "The deeper levels of Mind correspond to the levels of Matter. Using Trancendental Meditation, at the borderline of Mind, you transcend. Transcend is the key word. It means to go beyond. You’re going beyond the field of relativity and duality, to experience directly the Oneness. Pure unbounded, infinite, consciousness. This consciousness has qualities: Infinite Creativity, Intelligence, Energy, Love, Power, and Bliss, Dynamic Peace. It has always been there, never had a beginning, it IS, and it will be, Forever. Unbounded, Infinite, Eternal, Immutable, Immortal. Consciousness. Fullness. When you experience this level you enliven it and it grows in the individual. All positive light of unity, all positive. You experience this level and you enliven it and this ball of consciousness that you thought was just going to stay the same for the rest of your life starts expanding and these qualities expand."


The Circle is Open!

- Seven Daughs

ANNOUNCEMENTS and Inspirations...

Saturday Jan 27th 1:00-3:00pm.
At Spirit of the Mustang in Cornville. RSVP for directions 808-268-8501
Bring a chair
Spirit of the Mustang is a drug, alcohol, smoke, chemical and perfume-free zone.



with Elena Larsen

Sunday 1/28/24 from 6:30-7:30pm

Hot Yoga in Cottonwood

704 S. Main Street

Cottonwood, AZ 86326


What to expect:

-group intention setting

-short pranayam warm-up to open our hearts to the sound

-Crystal bowls, chimes and a crystal pyramid --  no gong or ocean drum this round. We're bringing in YIN energy in this session.


What to bring:

-your mat or a chair if that helps comfort levels

-extra blankets or padding

-hydrate beforehand

-If you know of anyone that would benefit from a session with the bowls, please pass this info along to them.

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