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MARCH 10th

10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

Our theme this week:



10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

This week:

Spirituality and Beltane

THIS WEEK, due to an important fundraiser event of our building hosts, we will be having our Sunday Circle downstairs in another space. Look for signage! :-D



Spirituality and Beltane

Beltane is the annual community expression from the Celtic tradition that marks the beginning of SUMMER!! Sharon will teach and share on this topic today.

And the THEME conjured from our marvelous Vessel of Thoughts is

Spirituality seems to me to be the recognition, acceptance, understanding and making use of an idea called “SPIRIT”.  But what is Spirit?  I think of spirit as an essential core life force consciousness. That exists in… ALL things?  I see it spoken that we are all in fact Spirits having a human experience, and that in order to have this human experience we have to forget the truth, we have to have our memory wiped so that we don’t remember that we are all, in reality, a collective single consciousness, and that this human experience is just a “dream” we wanted to try out. So we fragmented to see what that would be like. And this is what it is like.
Hmmm. Interesting idea.
Spirit, I’ve been told, is our core self, whereas the Body is a temporary communication and learning tool we use here in this “dream”.

Well, I am interested to hear what other people are thinking about what “Spirit” and “Spirituality” mean. Perhaps we will expand our collective minds again today.

 The Circle is Open!


-Seven Daughs

See you Sunday!


637 N. Main Street, suite 2A at 10th street

Cottonwood , Arizona

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