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MARCH 10th

10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

Our theme this week:



APRIL 14th

10:00 - 12:00,

doors open 9:30

Our theme this week:

Laughter and Sunshine


Together the community that gathered did reach, through the embodiment of Sandy, and did receive between her intentioned fingers, a stack of messages disguised as a single sheet, and when we did examine the extraction from the Vessel of Mystery, what we found offered were essential powers of life:


Many of us received the Gift of the Eclipse event on Moonday the 8th aka Infinity-th, which did exhort the SUNSHINE to a high degree. But what of LAUGHTER?

I remembered a brilliant book by Arthur Koestler from the 1960’s called the Act of Creation, in which the author included a dive into the meaning of LAUGHTER. I don't now have the book and so I queried the (CIA propaganda tool) Wikipedia and found the following glimpse, which I offer as a short cut to the task of providing something of potential value to this page:

“In jokes and humour, the audience is led to expect a certain outcome compatible with a particular matrix (e.g. the narrative storyline); a punch line, however, replaces the original matrix with an alternative, to comic effect. The structure of a joke, then, is essentially that of bait-and-switch.”

The Circle is Open!

- Seven Daughs

See you Sunday!


637 N. Main Street, suite 2A at 10th street

Cottonwood , Arizona

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