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We have experimented with renting the event-space hall on that corner bend of Main Street going into Old Town called the Cottonwood Clubhouse, across the street from Colt Grill. The Clubhouse is an interesting and flexible space that the City of Cottonwood has created.  Some of us decided to explore what it would be like to bring our community-building energies there.


One time people gathered to join in smaller circles that each invented components for what became Center Of Universal Light's Earth Day co-creation. That initial discovery/invention process was followed up on our regular Sunday for a deepening expansion of the ideas and further imagineering with the people who were not at the Clubhouse, and then on the following Sunday was the excitement of coalescing our understandings, elements and energies in real time to bring forth that Earth Day gift to each other, in the spirit of fun and cooperation.

We have further imagined Wednesday concert events, multimedia presentation, and more co-creative inventions, other ways for us to connect and get to know each other. 


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