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Our theme this week:



The fingers of fate plucked, from the mysterious depths of our Theme Vessel, this word: Fear.


“The only thing to fear is FEAR ITSELF”, someone wise once said. I know that when I am around someone who is afraid, it feels dangerous. That is because people who are afraid are not in their right mind. When Fear has risen up in me, I believe it was sprouting from the roots of a deep programming in the Mind, that says I am ultimately alone and that Death is the worse possible outcome, both of which I no longer believe.


I’ve been told, and it feels true, that there are 2 primary energies at the root of all we experience: LOVE and FEAR. Love is the attractive principal, and Fear is repellent one. The spectrum of these are very wide, from the most subtle to the most overt. Push and pull, I’m reminded of magnets. I was told that the interplay of these two principles creates our World. I am reminded of the Yin Yang symbol, the dark and the light dancing their powers together.


And I’ve also been told by one of my teachers that “Only Love exists, everything that is not of Love is Illusion, projection of the Ego Mind.” So then the duality becomes REALITY versus ILLUSION.


With this World we share changing so dramatically right now as we move into 2024, the stories we hear in the media are frequently fearsome. And fear sells. But there is another way to feel it, another way to respond, another side, the Love side. The feeling of excitement for the mysterious adventure we get to experience.


This Sunday we will be sharing our thoughts about this powerful feeling, FEAR. Please come and share your thoughts.


- Seven Daughs

See you Sunday!


637 N. Main Street, suite 2A at 10th street

Cottonwood , Arizona

From MAYA SHAW GALE who conducted the SPIRIT OF WATER teaching and ceremony on December 10th 2023

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