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Honoring the Living Spirit of Water

with Maya Shaw Gale


Our Weekly Theme:

"Is Soul the Puppetmaster of the Body?"


Maya has been involved in holistic healing all her life, first as a bodyworker, then a somatic psychotherapist and since 2001, a transformational life & leadership coach.  A special area of her interest has always been the healing power of Nature, and after receiving a direct mystical communication with Water in 1987, she began to study with scientists and Native teachers, coming to understand Water as an intelligent presence with many magical properties that support life in multiple ways.   In response to Fukushima in 2011 she began offering community Water Blessing Ceremonies as a way to educate people about the true nature of Water and how to protect and honor it.

Honoring the Living Spirit of WATER


Maya Shaw Gale will be offering a presentation sharing her discoveries about the mystical and intelligent properties of Water as a Living Spirit, and how we can come into partnership with Water as the sustainer of all living things on our planet.  She will then guide the community in the experience of creating a group Water Blessing Ceremony as a way to  honor and give gratitude to Water for all of its gifts and as a special way to give back to Water.

   The fingers of fate plucked, from the mysterious depths of our Theme Vessel, the question: “Is the Soul the Puppetmaster of the Body?”


   This theme is asking us to inquire within as to the nature of the body and who or what is in charge.  I recall that some non-physical beings, such as Jeshua ben Joseph, have claimed that the body exists within the Mind, not the other way around.  And perhaps we will discover how this theme relates to the Water Blessing Ceremony described above!

Weekly Theme:  "Is Soul the Puppetmaster of the Body?"

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