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Theme: Grief


Theme: Grief

Our day's theme is GRIEF, meaning our hands were guided to elicit from the Jar of Themes the idea of GRIEF.





“We are not human without Grief.

A much denied emotion, relegated to private spaces, frequently away from public eye. 

Why sequester our human sorrow, our nature, when it is the very bedrock of what enables tears to flow, faces to be cleansed and souls to rise up. In gratitude and relief, we are met by a fresh sight, a new day, after a dark night under the covers of Grief. Let us rejoice in the power Grief holds to offer us truth, solace and the brilliance of feeling ALL of our humanness, made a little more shiny because of the shadows held close in the dance of what has meaning.”

- Sofia Sunshine


“When we experience loss of someone or something that we feel a deep connection to, even as to part of our own self-identity, there is a severe wounding of the Heart, a severe trauma, that must then begin the return to equilibrium, return to Healing, return to balance, to remembering our SELF as a wholeness in itself, interconnected in the wholeness of the Spirit of Source from which all emerges, the balance that allows us to step into our next chapter extending Love in the world.”

- Seven Daughs


See you Sunday!

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