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Journeying with the Power

of Permission

Kaatje Jones

Kaatje Jones:

Kaatje Jones will use tools from voice movement therapy and shamanic practice to guide an immersive, experiential journey into the self through the body and the voice. No vocal experience is necessary, and the amount of movement is entirely up to each participant. For Kaatje, the key to self-discovery is deep permission to experience and express exactly what is showing up for each individual. When many people do this together, it changes the collective field. Expect play, creativity, curiosity, and spontaneity. Come prepared to surprise yourself and to be inspired by those around you!


Kaatje Jones comes from a background in shamanic practice and energy work. She has been a singer for most of her life, so when she discovered voice movement therapy, she found a way to combine her vocal abilities with her playful creativity in an engaging and interactive healing modality. As a practitioner in the Sedona area, she has begun experimenting with the crossover between somatic voicework and shamanic practice. Past lives, ancestral wounds, and spirit guides all began presenting themselves in sessions. This mini-workshop is a taste of her experience and the unique way she interacts with the unseen world.

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