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10 am


Independence, Choice Points™ and Allowing!

Jim Hamilton


Jim Hamilton:
long time meditator, full time adventurer, author and developer of technology to advance consciousness individually and collectively

Independence, Choice Points™ and Allowing!

We were set up as the freest country on the planet. We started an experiment of self-governing that continues to this day. And freedom of thought seems to be the most important of those freedoms presently available to us. Accordingly, our visionary mind is our biggest asset as we set out to continue to refine freedom for ourselves and others.


We will explore a program under development by J.Hamilton titled Choice Points™ and Allowing!, and how Choice Points™ allow us to more successfully navigate our lives. Choice Points™ are new choices that facilitate ALLOWING to do life’s heavy lifting on our behalf. Most, of course, make choices and then chase down their choices. Instead, we will learn how to “allow” allowing to deliver what we most truly want in our lives!


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