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Be The Light

Stephan Barber

Be The Light

I'll be drawing upon the work of Dr. Karon Lobrovich's Inner Peace: The Soul Self Remembered. I'l be assisted by Daniel Ramos (Spiritual open/close) and Larry Zavaglia (host). Karon has spoken previously in person, via Zoom and video at CUL. "This guidance assists in developing a healthy partnership between the Personality Self and the Soul Self. The new relationship of expanded Consciousness will help produce a life path that brings joy and peace to daily life.The change in your life occurs as you replace old thought processes with new thoughts and actions in response to what is happening around you. You learn how to see the real energy of a situation and become transparent to energies that are not a positive addition to your experience".


Stephan Barber has served as Board member at a regional Unity church, worked in community service as a family support group facilitator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, workshop facilitator for Catholic Charities clients and coaches privately via his Truth to Task Conscious Professional Coaching practice. He lives in VOC and is a 100 % dog person.🐾

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